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Play for Voices


In Brazilian-Italian author Ana Cândida Carneiro’s That Deep Ocean…, a two-character audio play written in Italian and translated by Stephen Pidcock, a single day in a woman’s life becomes an epic journey of self-discovery. The action shifts between the character’s everyday world, where she’s trapped in a dreary job, and an alternative realm, part dreamscape, part subconscious. In that world, she converses—by turns awestruck, challenging, and playful—with an underwater sea creature who presents as a powerful, seductive, masculine presence. She perceives him as a giant squid, but he might also be an aspect of herself. In language that alternates between the poetic and the matter-of-fact, That Deep Ocean… explores questions of identity, love, and death.

The Play for Voices production of That Deep Ocean… was directed and co-produced by Sarah Montague and performed by Amanda Quaid and Peter Francis James. 

Music Composition by MCC's Fernando Arruda
Recorded at Harvestworks by audio engineer Kevin Ramsay.
Produced by Jen Zoble, Anne Posten, Katrin Redfern, and Matt Fidler.

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