Manhattan Composers Collective



View the film HERE, in context on the Refinery Website.

We executed mix and sound design on this beautiful promotional film showcasing the Domino Sugar Refinery Revitalization project. The iconic factory will be transformed into a modern office space accommodating 3000 employees. The film is targeted to prospective tenants who are visionary leaders, embracing the opportunity to make their mark on the cultural hotbed Brooklyn has become. The film shows off the amazing potential of the iconic landmark, in the new heart of New York City, and it was a pleasure and an honor to be play our own small part in a project that will transform the Brooklyn waterfront.

Mix: Manhattan Composers Collective
Sound Design: Fernando Arruda
Co-Directors: Marianna Ludensky & Hunter Baker
Producer: Natan Schottenfels
Global Executive Creative Director: Tom Punch
Program Manager: Stacy Kimball
Client: Two Trees

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